IPB Reklatam Activities Field

Carrying out reclamation activities for ex-mining land.
Formulate the technology required for reclamation of ex-mining land according to the characteristics of local mining land.
Formulate a spatial design for mining land use in accordance with land characteristics and ex-mining land use plans.
Formulate an adequate institutional system in accordance with the characteristics of the local community.
Carrying out research and studies in various fields of science related to the reclamation of ex-mining land to support the success of reclamation.
Organizing education and training to increase the capacity of human resources engaged in reclamation of ex-mining land.
Organizing symposiums, seminars, workshops and colloquiums for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the reclamation of ex-mining land.

IPB Reklatam Objectives

Develop specific and unique mining land reclamation alternatives in each mining area, both in relation to land, plants and social communities.Develop a land use design for the restoration of ex-mining land so that its ecological, economic and social functions are […]

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Tujuan Reklatam IPB

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